#R4W10 Hall of Famer: Hilary Coulson

Those who have experienced a Run 4 Wales event up close will know the latest inductee into the #R4W10 Hall of Fame well!

Introducing Hilary Coulson, one of our most experienced Extra Milers and someone who has played a huge part in our events over the last ten years.

We spoke to Hilary and asked her for some of her best memories!

What has been your favourite memory over the past ten years with Run 4 Wales?

It’s very hard to pick a favourite as I have enjoyed them all! I even enjoyed the World Half in driving rain and hailstones!

But also, Velothon days were very special, even year one where registration was all done on paper.

What does being an Extra Miler mean to you?

Being a part of a great force of volunteers is amazing. I’ve met and re-met many people over the years. The Extra Milers team have encouraged this for me!

How many events have you volunteered at (approx.) with Run 4 Wales?

They’re not all with Run 4 Wales, but I have been part of around 20 events over the years. The times of the Cardiff Half, Cardiff Bay Run and Velothon were amazing!

What would you say to anyone who is looking to become an Extra Miler in 2022 and beyond?

I would encourage everyone to give volunteering a go.
There’s genuinely o requirement to be a super sport follower, just a willingness to help each person taking part to have the very best experience possible.