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7 reasons to sign up to a Welsh running event this St David’s Day

St David’s Day is here and what better way to celebrate and support Wales than by entering a Welsh running event?

The National Day for Wales on March 1st is marked through a vibrant display of Welsh heritage and culture – which is something event organisers, Run 4 Wales, feel passionately about at all their races.

Proud to be uniquely Welsh, Run 4 Wales likes to shine a spotlight on what the nation has to offer, which is why it has put together seven reasons to sign up to one of its Welsh running events:

1. Discover the sights: If you’re looking to tick off a bucket list of local landmarks, or perhaps discover a new area, these are for you. Run 4 Wales enjoys showcasing Welsh cities, towns and natural landscapes through its race routes. It hosts a variety of events for all abilities including the ABP Newport Wales Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay 10K, Ogi Porthcawl 10K, CDF 10K and the Principality Cardiff Half Marathon. You’ll be able to experience the best of these areas while challenging yourself to complete the distances.

2. Siarad Cymraeg: Want to brush up on your Welsh? These are a perfect opportunity to do just that. There is a strong focus on the Welsh language at Run 4 Wales events with the organisers encouraging to increase the number of Welsh speakers. It does this through bilingual signage and commentary teams on event day and includes bilingual text on medals. Participants and volunteers are also asked whether they want to wear a ‘Cymraeg’ badge which allows the language to be spoken naturally between teams, runners and spectators.

3. The crowds: Wales is the land of song, and the roaring crowds that come out to support around the courses won’t disappoint. Famous for their welcoming nature and warm hospitality, the epic spectators will help spur you on to the finish line – and maybe even a song or two!

4. Event village atmosphere: The organisers try to shine a spotlight on Welsh talent and has previously worked with Menter Caerdydd, the team behind the Tafwyl music festival, to bring a selection of fantastic music to the Principality Cardiff Half event village. Run 4 Wales also aims to host a range of Welsh food and beverage businesses at its event villages to highlight delicious Welsh delicacies.

5. Support physical activity in Wales: Run 4 Wales is a not-for-profit social enterprise and has awarded over £500,000 to grassroots sports and community projects through its charitable foundation. Any surpluses made through its events are used to help projects such as funding for school athletics, setting up social running groups across Wales and providing free race entries to first-time runners from diverse groups through initiatives like its 100 Club.

6. A greener Wales: Sustainability is a true passion point of Run 4 Wales and it set up its Climate Action Fund to help balance the impact that hosting major events has on the environment. Donations to the fund are generated through contributions from organisers, participants and its event partners, as well as those who opt out of receiving a finish line t-shirt. In its first two years the fund has donated £38,000 to Welsh initiatives supporting nature conservation, climate reduction and climate adaptation.

7. Incredible causes: Run 4 Wales events partner with amazing charities that are making a huge difference to the lives of people in Wales. Many runners opt to raise money through these events to help give back to the community and fund research and treatments into life-threatening conditions.

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