Meet The Team

Meet the team behind events such as the Principality Cardiff Half Marathon, ABP Newport Wales Marathon, CDF 10K and more.

Alex Donald

Elite Race Manager

Always relied on for an honest opinion but should never be trusted with keys.  

Most Likely to: Write a book on his life.

Anna Verdon

Communications Manager

Lover of the outdoors and being by the sea. Partial to a pizza.

Most Likely to: Be found surrounded by a cat or two.

Annabelle Mason

Partnerships Manager

Loves a new idea or discussing scenarios. Fan of a period novel or two. King Henry VIII is her Birthday twin.

Most Likely to: Tell you she is from Pembrokeshire.

Bethan King

Programme Manager

Has an extensive knowledge of all things Disney and a hidden talent for hula hooping.

Most Likely to: Be found organising the office cupboards.

Deborah Powell

Commercial Director

Seeker of new ideas and getting to the point. Can’t survive without a daily, dog-led hike.

Most Likely to: Be found on, in or near water.

Gareth Ludkin

Head of Sustainability

Rider of bicycles, music snob and champion of the ordinary man.

Most Likely to: Chain himself to a tree.

Gavin Howe

Event Support Assistant

Lover of 5-a-side and festivals. Fond of any cat willing to give the slightest ounce of attention.

Most Likely to: Be found deep in thought in a coffee shop.

Hattie Jardine

Partnerships Manager

Sophisticated shopping addict with an extensive knowledge of all things celebrity.

Most Likely to: Officiate your wedding.

Kelsey Duffill

Events Operations Assistant

Once spent her birthday in a Tibetan refugee camp and has been to Glastonbury 7 times (and counting!)

Most Likely to: Be found swimming, surfing or paddleboarding.

Laura Peeroo

Finance Manager

Lover of sci-fi, true crime and cake. Prefers numbers to words and has lived in 8 countries over 3 continents.

Most Likely to: Choose the slow lane checkout in the supermarket.

Lee Treadwell

Head of Marketing & Communications

Happiest on two wheels, in the mountains or the water. Has been known to fall asleep on the dancefloor.

Most Likely to: Be found on a holiday that doesn’t sound like a holiday.

Lindsey Screen

Programme Manager

Loves to dance, laugh, travel and will never say no to a cuppa!

Most Likely to: Watch cheesy films on Christmas 24

Maria Waldron

Client Relationships Manager

Office problem solver and glamorous coffee snob.

Most Likely to: Open an Italian bed and breakfast.

Matt Newman

Chief Executive

Millfield School & Swansea Uni Alumni (mostly for rugby). Top schmoozer, party starter and proud Partridge fan.  

Most Likely to: Be found telling bad Dad jokes.

Naomi Warner

Event Manager

Lover of peppermint tea, marine life and Iolo Williams.

Most Likely to: Find you a real bargain.

Rachel Madge

Event Manager

Queen of the pep talk. Often found on a chair shouting ‘smile’, earning her the title of chief photographer.

Most Likely to: Bring cakes to a meeting.

Rhiannon Marsh

Production Manager

Lover of cats, cooking and red wine.   Fluent Welsh speaker.

Most Likely to: Lose her keys, phone and wallet at least 10 times a day.

Steve Brace

Head of Event Delivery

Double Olympian and all-round good guy. Fond of custard creams and fried egg and mango chutney sandwiches.

Most Likely to: Be contemplating what to do next in the garden.

Stuart Fagg

Marketing Manager

Expert story writer who once hit a cricket ball into Paul Mccartney’s garden.

Most Likely to: Star in Jesus Christ Superstar The Musical.

Tor Hands

Volunteer Coordinator

Will travel all over the world but struggles to drink out of a mug with a picture on it.

Most Likely to: Be counting the days to her next travel experience.

Vici Williams

Partnerships Manager

Expert cake baker that keeps The White Company in business.

Most Likely to: Give Michael Phelps a run for his money!

If you like the sound of our shared values and think you’d fit in amongst the faces above, learn more about working here or freelance opportunities.