It’s well-known across the running community that lacing up your trainers for a run is one of the best things a person can do to improve their mental health.

Mindfulness – Running is arguably the greatest mindfulness. It gives you good reason to get outside, do exercise and think about nothing. When you’re running, the only thing you think of is your next step.

Managing stress and anxiety – Exercise in general provides a welcome distraction from the realities of life. By running, you’re continuing to make time for something that you enjoy outside of your work life.

Socialising – The running community is a welcoming one. You can find a running club in your area or gather a group of friends to take up a new hobby. Once you start, there’s no going back!

Sleep – Running is scientifically proven to improve your sleep, probably as a result of better mental health. The effect is cyclical, with better sleep also improving your quality of life!

Winter Wellbeing

Winter can be a tough period for many. Our #WinterWellbeing campaign aims to equip you with tips and advice to navigate winter (or lockdown) as we prepare for brighter days ahead.

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