Healthspan Wales 10K Series

Iconic races across four unique locations.

The Healthspan Wales 10K Series is an exciting series of 10K road races hosted across four unique locations in South Wales, delivered by R4W.

All four races share a partnership with Healthspan, the UK’s leading direct vitamin and supplement supplier. This relationship aims to emphasise the principles of staying active, eating well and being positive to those who want to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. Those taking part will have the opportunity to engage with Healthspan, access exclusive product offers and health and wellbeing content in the lead up to, during and post-event.

The series includes:

Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay Run (26 September 2021)
ABP Newport Wales 10K (24 October 2021)
New For 2021 – R4W Virtual 10K (September – December 2021)
Healthspan Porthcawl 10K (3 July 2022)
ABP Barry Island 10K (7 August 2022)

Multi-Event Passes

Those interested in entering two or more live events in the series can take advantage of our Multi-Event Pass ticket offers.

They grant entry in two, three or all four live events in the series, with the discount increasing when you commit to more events. There are 1,000 spaces reserved in each race for Multi-Event Pass purchases. You will also be able to claim a 20% discount on Virtual 10K entry when purchasing any Multi-Event Pass. You can check availability, or sign up now below.

Once they have sold out, check out the event websites to see if individual entries are still available. In 2021, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, only the R4W Virtual 10K, Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay Run and ABP Newport Wales 10K will go ahead.

  • Three Event Pass £52

    Enter Cardiff Bay, Newport & R4W Virtual 10K and save up to £9

    Sold Out
  • Two Event Pass £44

    Enter Cardiff Bay & Newport and save up to £7

    Sold Out

*Please note that a small non-refundable admin fee will be charged on top of your registration fee by ACTIVE, who manage our online registration platform. ​Multi-event passes are non-transferrable and can only be purchased by individuals.

Finishers Items

Finishers items, such as medal and t-shirts will be designed with the series in mind.

A unique set of interlocking medals, each showcasing one of the iconic landmarks from each running destination will be available at each race – perfect for those looking to challenge themselves to complete all of the races in a single year and collect a worthy memento.

Prize Money

Athletes will be scored using cumulative time from their best three performances. The following overall series prize money will be available:

1st Position – £300

2nd Position – £200

3rd Position – £100

4th Position – £75

5th Position – £50

Training Tips from Iwan Thomas

Iwan Thomas is a European, World, Commonwealth and Olympic medallist as well as a Healthspan ambassador.

He’s regularly in attendance at events like the Healthspan Porthcawl 10K and ABP Barry Island 10K.

Check out some of his training hints and advice below.