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Getting to know R4W’s Climate Action Group

Did you know that Climate Action Group partners Brecon Carreg and Rubicon all actively contribute to Run 4 Wales’ climate action plan, helping to minimise the impact our events have on the environment. With our own lofty ambitions and having the ability to lean on the expertise of our Climate Action partners, we’re in a great place to sustain the future.

Let’s get to know some of the initiatives we have in place to help us achieve our environmental goals…

Reviewing our waste policies

We work closely with partners such as Brecon Carreg at events to ensure efficient recycling. When using their water and gels, we work with them on initiatives such as Plogging.

Conscious choices

When going to tender for services and suppliers, we consider social, environmental and corporate governance as well as our own values before committing to a decision.

Welcoming more partners in the fight to protect the climate

We recently partnered with Rubicon, who help us look after the Brecon Carreg Ploggers on race day and contribute to other green initiatives across the company.

Encouraging sustainable travel

Before every event, we detail sustainable travel options such as public transport or using a bike, which can often be secured at a bike park. With our own staff, we are now working out the carbon emissions of our own travel with a view to making improvements every year.

Sustainable merchandise

Did you know that technical training tees you can purchase through the R4W shop are made from recycled plastic bottles, and that every medal you receive at the finish line is made from recycled zinc.

The Climate Action Fund

Our Climate Action Fund is made up with the help of our partners and runners, the latter who can choose to contribute to our fund on top of their entry fee. The fund raised over £17000 in 2022, supporting some fantastic green initiatives chosen by ourselves and our partners.

If you want to find out more our climate action plan, follow the link below. For the wider picture in our R4W Way ethos, go check it out below.

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