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How to bounce back from injury

If you’re an avid runner, the chances are you’ve come across a niggling injury at least once. It’s part and parcel of the hobby we love!

Coming back from an injury isn’t easy, we appreciate. That’s why we’ve put together some of our best tips for bouncing back even better than before, and not suffering any repeat knocks that’ll set you back further.

We should definitely allude to lockdown too, and the difficulty of seeking help with some clinics closed and some only open for emergencies. If you are experiencing serious pain when running or resting, you should first consult a GP.

First, let’s go through some of the most common injuries and the symptoms.

Runners knee – This might present as pain at the front of your kneecap. It may be dull, in both knees and according to Healthline, can range from mild to very painful and gets worse with sitting, jumping, climbing stairs or squatting.

Shin splints – This is one we hear about a lot. Shin splints is a stress syndrome in the inner parts of your legs, along the shin. If you find yourself running too quickly or trying to go too far too early, you may well be experiencing this. This does, however, go away with rest.

Plantar fasciitis – The fascia is a thick layer of tissue on the bottom of your foot and when running, can be put under serious stress. Plantar fasciitis symptoms include pain in your heel, pain after activity or a burning sensation underfoot.

For more of the most common injuries, follow Healthline’s most common running injuries here

A general rule of thumb to avoid injury is to manage your workload, and never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10-15%. For advice on bouncing back from injury, as well as preventing it, take a look below:

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