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10 Ways To Stay Motivated Whilst You Prepare For The Marathon

Marathon training can be the commitment of a lifetime. We know how difficult it can be, though. That’s why we’ve outlined 10 simple tips to keep yourself motivated from now until race day – and it’s a lot easier than you might think!

Set Your Goal

A runner’s mind is motivated by at least one thing. Maybe you’re aiming to get fitter, or have a marathon personal best to beat. Set your goal early on, and you’ll always be on the right track.

Ignore Your Times

Don’t get bogged down with times during your training – just focus on feeling fitter every time you get out there and running consistently. There’s no chance that every run will feel amazing, but if you keep it up, race day will feel like your victory lap!

Stay Sociable

One of the most difficult things with running can be those cold and windy solo runs on a Monday night. Keep in touch with the Marathon community through apps like Strava, and get out often with your usual running buddies.

Reward short term goals

Reached 10K? Treat yourself to a tasty meal! Managing to keep up with your training plan? Get that sports massage. Just feel deserving of a treat? Do it. It’s not meant to be torture.

Don’t just run

That would just be monotonous. There are plenty of other ways to keep fit during your marathon training. Cycling, yoga, pilates. Take your pick!

Switch up your environment

That would also be very repetitive. It’s important to keep changing where you run – because the same old surroundings weigh us down mentally, and a change of scenery is beneficial to the mind!

Quotes – read them!

‘If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon’ – Olympic gold medallist, Emil Zatopek. We’re feeling better after reading that already – and there’s plenty more online!

Visualise that moment

Crossing the finish line after a marathon is a bucket-list moment. That memory will stay with you forever. During your training runs, feel energised by just thinking about that very moment.

Trial runs

There’s nothing like race day, which is why we’d suggest getting involved in another shorter race in the build-up to your marathon. Test your routine, and try out what you’ll wear, eat and do before a race to see what works and doesn’t.

Remember why you’re doing this

Whether you’re running for a charitable cause or to challenge yourself at the ultimate distance, remember why you’re training. The marathon experience is the most rewarding feeling in road running.

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