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Cold Weather Training

As you prepare for Spring and racing season, we’re going to give you some essential know-hows and tips to help you through winter in order to best prepare for your next event.

1) Find the motivation

Undoubtedly the toughest part of winter running is getting out of the front door. With a long-distance event looming, it’s important you have the means to find sparks of motivation and plunge yourself into winter running. With a positive mindset, tackling the cold conditions is a lot easier.

2) Forget your PB

The primary task with winter is braving the cold, not clocking impressive times and striving personal bests. Unless you’re solely driven by your times, and that of course is OK too, we’d recommend ditching your equipment for the meantime. With cold and blustery conditions, it’s unlikely you’ll run at your best so until you’re feeling acclimatised, forget about it.

3) Dress right 

Being comfortable throughout your winter running is imperative. Wear thick (but not suffocating) socks, 2 or 3 tops, a fleece if you’re prone to the cold and something to warm your legs. Once you get in, undress as quickly as possible to avoid the post-winter run chills. Staying fit and illness-free is imperative.

4) Warm up 

The best way to counter the cold is to get warm, right? Before even thinking about leaving your front door, do something to get the blood circulating. Run up and down the stairs or do some push ups. Once you’re warm, you’re in perfect shape to battle the cold and will feel all the better for it.

Having an event to train for can be a real motivator on those cold, wintery days that you’d rather not venture outside. Take a look at some of on offer from R4W and find your challenge!