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Why 10K Can Be The Perfect Running Distance

There’s great debate about the ultimate running distance. In terms of raw distance, there’s no doubting how impressive a marathon is. It challenges a runner both mentally and physically. Here, we put forward the case of the 10K, arguing why for some, it’s the perfect race.

1) Balance.

. Firstly, it ticks many boxes for some in terms of balance. Less experienced runners can realistically take on 10K races with appropriate training. They’ll still feel it in their legs post-run, but that’s why we love it, right?

2) New routes, new adventures. 

You don’t need to look to a huge city to find a 10K race, like you do with the half marathon or marathon. It means you’re likely to experience truly unique routes, in towns as small as Barry or Porthcawl.

3) Sociable.

Being shorter than a marathon for example, a 10K presents a fine opportunity to run with friends. Whilst there might be a number of hours between the fastest and slowest runner in your group of friends at a marathon, with the 10K you’ll never be waiting around too long at the finish line and have more time (and energy) to celebrate afterward!

4) Switching off.

When we run, we strive to reach a point where we can switch off and get into a rhythm that feels relaxing. A 10K gives you enough time to get into the zone, enjoy it, then come out of it feeling refreshed. Ok, perhaps that isn’t quite the word. Revived?

5) Being charitable. 

You don’t have to run silly (unrealistic) miles to fundraise for a charity close to your heart, and many choose to fundraise when training for a 10K. We work with a number of charities doing great things across the UK and in Wales, across our 10K Series, so why not get involved and make your miles matter that little bit more?

6) Small steps.

A 10K is often a big step up for runners. They might be frequent parkrunners or casual joggers, so taking part in a competitive 10K is the necessary step up they need to progress their fitness and work towards the next goal.

7) Finding the hours. 

Regardless of your job or family commitments, there is always time in the week to train for a 10K. You don’t need to drop all your hobbies and dedicate a couple of hours per day, rather make sure you keep your training ticking along and work towards the distance carefully.

8) A heap of benefits.

If you’re taking on a race in the Healthspan Wales 10K Series, you’ll not only will you receive a unique 10K technical finishers t-shirt and medal to go with your successes, you’ll be able to take in the unbeatable atmosphere. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of roaring crowds at the finish line!

9) Keeping up your fitness.

A 10K is not only achievable for casual runners, but their regularity throughout the year gives you good reason to stay fit all year long (as opposed to waiting for a spring marathon or autumn half). Our 10K races run throughout; from March to August.

10) PB Opportunities. 

Maybe you’re here for the thrills, maybe you’re ultra-competitive. We like both personalities but have something for everyone! If you’re after a PB, it’s got to be the ultra-flat Newport Wales 10K or the early-season Cardiff Bay Run (which will inspire you to keep training over the winter months). If you fancy something different, our races in Porthcawl and Barry Island are truly unique, with stunning coastal courses.

The Healthspan Wales 10K Series is an exciting series of 10K road races hosted across four unique locations in South Wales, delivered by R4W.