Working with your body to find the right running schedule

Why volunteer?

Volunteering has many benefits. It helps volunteers develop new skills and knowledge that can be useful in progressing in paid employment and contributing to university and college applications. It helps us build new connections, make new contacts and meet people from different backgrounds to ourselves. Volunteering at a Run 4 Wales events gives volunteers an

Meet The Lockdown Runners Club!

This July, hundreds of ‘lockdown runners’ will come together to take on the LRC Virtual Race – a choice of 5K, 10K and half marathon distances. We meet some of the runners taking on a new challenge this month, preparing themselves for a big month of running. Name: Marita Evaggelidou Location: Thessaloniki, Greece Reason for

Meet The R4W Virtual 10K Runners

Throughout the month of June, R4W Virtual 10K runners have been preparing themselves to take on our latest virtual event. The great thing about virtual events is that we’ve still been able to hear from so many of you about why you’re running, what you’re hoping to achieve and more, and it’s been great to

Fasting, Ramadan and running: How do you do it?

Is it possible to fast and run during Ramadan? That’s the question many Muslim runners encounter as they approach the Holy Month. At the beginning of Ramadan 2021, we reached out to Moseem Suleman, member of Run Grangetown and observer of Ramadan. Ramadan is the Arabic name for the ninth month in the year. This

The safety barriers for women’s running

Considering recent events, this is, unfortunately, a topic worth covering for #HERVIRTUAL5K runners and women who run. Lockdown has exacerbated the topic of women running alone, with people not able to meet up in their usual social running groups. It is not fair that women should not feel safe while running on their own, but

Choosing a safe route

When Cardiff University’s runnability of the streets research was published, one of the clearer findings was that women felt some of their local running routes may not necessarily be ‘runnable’. Those findings were down to a variation of reasons, including safety, lighting, litter, pavement conditions and traffic levels. Of the 1501 women surveyed, over 40%

Pregnancy and childbirth

Let’s start with some motivation. Both pregnancy and childbirth are most certainly not reasons for the end of your running years. From Jessica Ennis-Hill and Paula Radcliffe to Serena Williams, we know that it is possible to return to running or any sport after childbirth. In the case of pregnancy and running during your term,

Running and the menopause

There’s no doubt that the menopause has an adverse effect on your running, from daily exhaustion and hot flushes to loss of sleep at night. With lots of women also affected by an early menopause and perimenopause, we’re setting out to give you some advice on how running might help to improve your symptoms, and